Fabiola's fantasy art


The Artist

Streamfairy is my pen name: I have loved drawing and painting since I was a child, and, through the troubles of life, my love for art has always been my refuge.
I love Symbolism, Italian Renaissance, Romanticism, Fantasy art and perhaps far too many other things to list here them all!
A few years ago I attended to a botanical watercolor course held in Rome, at the botanical gardens, where I was introduced to a special watercolor technique, that I call “dry technique”, and that I cherished and now apply to my fantasy paintings.
I live in Rome, and painting and sculpting are my passions: my dearest dream to be able to make a living with my art is coming to life and I never want to quit it!
Art Exhibitions:
The moon on the Lake White Night, Nettuno, 2012
Soul and Time Art Collective, Flyer Art Gallery, Rome, August 2015
Openartmarket art Exhibition, Rome, October – November 2015
Streamfairy è il mio nome d’arte: amo dipingere e disegnare fin dall’infanzia e, attraverso le difficoltà della vita, l’arte è sempre stata il mio rifugio.
Amo il Simbolismo, il Rinascimento italiano, il Fantasy e probabilmente troppe altre cose per riuscire ad elencarle tutte qui!
Qualche anno fa frequentai un corso di acquerello botanico presso l’orto botanico di Roma, dove appresi delle tecniche delle quali feci tesoro e che applico oggi ai miei acquerelli fantasy (chiamo la tecnica “dell’acquerello asciutto”).

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