Fabiola's fantasy art

My first coloring book is on sale on Amazon: Fantasy Fairies Coloring Book !

Published at last!!!!!! This is my first coloring book, english edition. It includes 17 black and white fairy and flowers drawings. Facing almost each drawings you will find 14 (fully … Continue reading

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A new painting… is it fantasy? Is it surreal art? I don’t know…

….. I don’t really know how to give it a category, but I am enjoying painting it very much…. I am using acrylics and it’s a challenge for me, because … Continue reading

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New Fantasy print from my latest Artwork: Brigit Celtic Goddess – Red hair girl

Finished at last! I enjoyed a lot designing her… Art prints (without pencils on the top, of course!) are on sale on My Ezebee Shop here:…/fantasy-art-print-brigit-celtic-go… or on FineArtAmerica … Continue reading

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Celtic pencil fantasy portrait … wip

Hair finished! I am going to finish plants on the background now… it’s the first time I post so many updates about one single project, but this time it’s different…. … Continue reading

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Red haired girl is on the way…..

I am still working at her hair….. perhaps I could do a step by step video once finished, or a tutorial…. if people like her I may do it… please … Continue reading

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It’s hair time: adding hair to my latest fantasy illustration

Today I have added her hand and I have begun coloring her hair… For those interested, I also have a Facebook page where I publish my updates…. this is its … Continue reading

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Let’s go ahead…. new leaves and details to my latest fantasy illustration

It’s leaves time…. ooak and misteltoe…. ,

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A new celtic inspired portrait…..

I talked to a gallery owner, she was very kind and suggested me to change my style in order to sell more art, but I can’t do it….. is there … Continue reading

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My latest original watercolor finished at last!

Here it is, my latest watercolor painting…. I sketched the subject almost three or four years ago, then it remained on my shelf, forgotten…. I found it again before last … Continue reading

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My personal page on Patreon……. :-)

I opened my patreon page: feel free to visit it, become my patreon and please, spread the word about it!!!! :-))) Click on the image and you will land on … Continue reading

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My cover for Heart of a dog (M. Bulgakov)

This is the cover I designed for Heart of a Dog, a novel by M. Bulgakov. For custom book covers and illustrations contact me at

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I found a nice website for pocket mirrors at last!!!!

I found this beautiful shopping website, and I thought to open a shop there: I never found before such a nice shopping platform selling pocket mirrors, stickers, pins, and everything … Continue reading

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My Fantasy Oracle deck: first steps…

As I wrote in a previous post, I am going to publish an Oracle Deck. Paintings illustrating this Oracle Deck will be especially created for it: in other words, I … Continue reading

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A new shop added to my website (free widget!)Purchase your prints directly from the artist

Added an indipendent shop page to my website: tired of paying fees to others when I do all the work…. A good chance to get your signed art print directly … Continue reading

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My Daily Sketch…

About one month ago I begun designing almost one sketch a day, but I only posted them on my facebook page ( I’d love to share them on my wordpress … Continue reading

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A review about ……..

A few days ago I opened a new online shop on Ezebee: it is probably still soon to make a review, nevertheless I can spend a few words about it…. … Continue reading

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