Fabiola's fantasy art

My Fantasy Oracle deck: first steps…

The Moon watermark

As I wrote in a previous post, I am going to publish an Oracle Deck.

Paintings illustrating this Oracle Deck will be especially created for it: in other words, I am not going to use my previous paintings for this deck, but I’ll design new paintings.

Reading system will be based on a simplified version of traditional tarots, and it will include 30 illustrated cards.

I will publish my project on a crowdfunding website (I still haven’t chosen which one to use): each step of my path I will write about here: I could wait until I am ready to publish a single post, but I prefer sharing it with all the kind people who often reads my website!

So, this is the first card’s Illustration: it is called the Moon: original painting I will keep for myself now (perhaps I’ll sell it in the future).

If you wish to purchase a single illustration/print/poster, feel free to visit my Fineartamerica page here or my Facebook fan page here.

I invite you all to come along with me during the process…. many surprises are yet to come…. videos, rewards for crowdfunding contributors, special pics and many secret things yet unveiled….


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