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News on the way!


It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post, but I can really say many new projects are blooming in my head!

As my friends already know, I started a new shop on Etsy last December: it’s not my first shop, but it’s surely the first one I am devoting so hopefully…

I add an item a week, more or less: the shop is still young and I added only a few items by now, because each one is created by me from the very beginning, it requires lots of work and I have to prepare the item description as well (it sometimes takes as much time as creating the item) !!!!!

Since I added my Christmas coloring fairy there are several new items in the shop:

two fairy fantasy postcards ready to be sent

a wedding gown fashion sample (I know, it’s not so fantasy-like, but I dreamt to be a fashion designer since I was a child!!!)

a ready-to-color fairy

Last two items are instantly downloadable, and you don’t have to wait but a second to have them on your pc, ready for printing and coloring, and including already colored samples…




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