Fabiola's fantasy art

Your portrait as a Fairy


I recently had several commissions of a particular kind of work: I begun portraying people as fairies and, quite oddly, people seem to like it!

That’s why I thought to write a post about it, and to offer  to my readers the opportunity to be depicted as fairies, gnomes, elves or pixies: digital mediums allow me to apply very affordable prices (10 Euro for a portrait with a plain background): in a few words, here’s the portrait description:

I’ll paint a portrait of you as a fairy, or as an elf, a pixie, a gnome or a faun!

How to have your portrait:

To paint the portrait I’ll need you to send me an image of the person you want to be depicted at this address:

Portrait will be a digital image (jpeg or psd, as you please): I’ll complete it and send it to you by e-mail in one  week , starting from the payment.

I accept paypal payment:

I’ll provide my paypal address as soon as you will contact me at

Here some examples of my prevoius works:





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