Fabiola's fantasy art

Book Illustration

About one month ago I was surfing the internet searching for new artists (something that I love to do as soon as I have a little time), when I stumbled upon, an American based website offering cheap services for just five dollars each: I decided to try to open an account there, and try to offer my illustrating skills, but I would have never imagined what happened: I soon received lots of orders and was compelled to work almost all my spare time to fullfill the orders they made to me!

My account on fiverr: click here 

Since then I have been illustrating three children’s book and several single commissions: revenues are very small but I’m happy with the people feedback, everyone seems very satisfied with my work, and new ideas and perspectives open in front of me… you can never say where this will lead me…

I  will soon add a new section in my gallery for “book illustration”: please come back soon to get a look to it!

In the meanwhile following you can see few examples of my book illustrations:

daisy3 jillet2 child5thverse



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